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For decades “Rīga Taxi” has been a great cooperation partner by offering the most convenient, reliable and fastest taxi service both in the capital city Riga and in the neighbour towns. The goal number one for the firm is to satisfy the needs of the client, by providing him with the most recent technological developments in the taxi business, so that it’s always a pleasure to use the services of “Rīga Taxi” once again.

     Since the very first day of cooperation, our corporate clients enjoy the newest Mercedes-Benz cars, full control both over the taxi trip as well as the price for it, newest GPS and “cherry-picked” professional drivers. Today, to stay in line with the demand, “Rīga Taxi” launches it’s homepage to even further perfect comfortable service.


     Rīga Taxi – the Art of the Taxi!

Vehicle Fleet

    Vehicle fleet includes:


    Mercedes E200

    Mercedes E220

    Mercedes Vito (Minivan)

All cars, as any other “Rīga Taxi” service, are reliable and comfortable. With the vehicle fleet being over 150 cars, the company is the key player on the market, has the biggest market share, as well as highest customer satisfaction and country coverage ratios. 


Prices for Rīga Taxi” card Clients


Boarding                      0.85 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.57 EUR

Waiting hour                6.60 EUR

Prices for Clients


Boarding                      2.10 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.70 EUR

Waiting hour                8.40 EUR