Taxi service in Riga


Riga Taxi” is offering the fastest, safest and most comfortable taxi service in Riga. The client, having called the operator center at 00371 80001010, will get the car at his service in 10 minutes (depending on the traffic–jams). The vehicle fleet, in turn, is presented mainly with the new Mercedes-Benz E-200 cars, fully equipped not only with the climate control and SRS-Airbag systems, but also with the GPS system, which allows our clients to check the history of the journey, i.e. the time, distance and price paid for the journey and compare it to the “real values” one should have paid. If compared results differ from data on the bill, “Riga Taxi” will compensate you the money for the whole trip. Therefore, by using our services, you will never again be cheated by the taxi drivers! 


Airport transfers (RIX)


One of the „Riga Taxi” advantages among other taxi companies in Riga is the right to offer direct transfer to and from Riga International airport (RIX). Our taxi drivers will be glad to assist you and deliver to any place in the capital in the shortest time, so that neither you, nor your business colleagues are never late for the meetings. It is worth mentioning, that a clients can choose between the Mercedes- Benz E-200 and Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan for their services.


Transfer for the disabled people (Invalids)


Having a long time experience in working with the disabled people, Riga Taxi is able to deliver the superior service for any needs of the clients. Our company is offering modern, specially equipped minivans so that the trip is always safe and not time-consuming for the disabled people – getting in and out of the taxi has never been easier with specially designed equipment installed in our cars. 


For more information please call 00371 67001010


Prices for Rīga Taxi” card Clients


Boarding                      0.85 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.57 EUR

Waiting hour                6.60 EUR

Prices for Clients


Boarding                      2.10 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.70 EUR

Waiting hour                8.40 EUR