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Being a “Rīga Taxi” client card owner you:

  • Get discount for our services


Without the client card

With the “Rīga Taxi” card



2.10 EUR

0.85 EUR


Price per kilometre

0.70 EUR

0.57 EUR


Waiting hour

8.40 EUR

6.60 EUR


  • Have 24/7 control over your client account and available money
  • Save time when paying for the journey – no need to find exact amount in cash
  • Get special bonuses from “Rīga Taxi”


Getting a “Rīga Taxi” card is very simple – just fill in the short form and you will get a card within a few days!



Prices for Rīga Taxi” card Clients


Boarding                      0.85 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.57 EUR

Waiting hour                6.60 EUR

Prices for Clients


Boarding                      2.10 EUR

Price per kilometre       0.70 EUR

Waiting hour                8.40 EUR